Thursday, 30 October 2014

Very good week so far!

I thought this was kind of fun when i put all these saddles like this on my work desk, reminded me of our local Tack Shop! This is the fruits of my labour so far this week! Ok, so I already had the tree's cast and the templates cut ready to go but its still not bad going! 2 Dressage saddles are commissions and the top 2 saddles are just going to be sales pieces.

 I thought that since I was already making some that I would throw in a few extra. The GP saddle at the top was actually 75% complete and just needed putting together, It has been sat waiting for well over 4 months now so it was about time it took shape. On to the girths tomorrow........

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Halloweenies Live 2014

 Halloweenies is a Live show just for stablemate/mini model horses and is held here in the UK every year by Claire Goss. I suspect that as I type this, the show will be ending as it was held today. I'm not a collector of mini models so I didn't go this year but I did send along a little Customised Friesain I won in the raffle at BMECS earlier this month with my friend to proxy for me. At lunchtime I received this....

My little boy won his class and went on to win Res Champ! I'm so pleased as he is so cute. A big thank you to Franceyn Dare of Australia for donating this boy to BMECS....he is a little star!

Also Congratulations to Jaime, who took Custom Champion with her horse! Thank you for showing my little guy for me, I now need more minis so I can attend in person next year! I hope everyone had a great time, congrats to all the winners and a big thank you to Claire for holding the show. :) 

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Order Book Update

Ignore little Toodlesnoot above, I just figured every post was better with a picture in it, plus he is cute! :)

I wanted to give a heads up on my remaining orders, these are commissions. After sorting out my work desk a few weeks ago I have managed to loose my main tiny tack orders book...Eek! I do have a back up book BUT it is missing some information. I therefore will post every ones initials in a small list with where they are (country), if you can't see yourself on the list but you know I have you down for a slot, can you please contact me to give me a nudge. I will also go back through my emails via the senders to check but this may take a while sadly.

Commissions -

J.B - In progress
C.W (Aus)
Y.E (UK)
S.C (Aus)
O.M (UK)
G.B (Germany)
C.J (UK)

These aren't in order. All pending Trades I do have noted down and I know to be correct. :)

As you can see, my orders have dropped down considerably! which is great as I want them entirely gone before I reopen my books again. When I do start to take on some orders it will be a few at a time, I'm not overwhelming myself again. Please also note, I will announce slots HERE, and not via facebook but I will make people aware via FB that slots could be coming. I find my blog much easier to update than FB which is very selective as to when it allows me to message people.  

My order Books will re open in 2015, watch this space for slots!

Friday, 24 October 2014

Driving Obstacle Cones Progress....

Now I have a little more time and am not in a rush I can do a little Driving Cones update. I haven't really had much time to work on theses but I have managed to cast the first batch of cones! They turned out really well. Over this weekend if the weather is nice I shall get them in primer ready to be sprayed their final colour. I also have the little balls to create too for the tops, these will be either yellow or white, you can have either but I haven't decided yet. 

My next post on these will most likely be with them completed. I'm actually quite excited! If I do release these they will  be as a set of Four, they are working out at around $25 a set. That's taking into account me casting them in resin, prepping them and painting them up. I'm hoping that won't be to much. :)

Below, FEI approved real version of my mini Cones. 

Racing Set

Quick Post :) I have finally finished a racing set that has been on my work desk for ages now. Its new owner has been incredibly patient which I'm so grateful for. I had a few issues with the saddle and ended up designing a whole new tree for it as I just wasn't happy at all with the old one. This version I like!

The set is actually to small for Victrix but she is doing a good job modelling it for me. It is made to fit a PS jumping horse/pony as a portrait set for the client. I hope you like it Claire :)

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Carriage Driving Cones

While browsing through driving photo's and deciding what I could possibly do next with my carriage I came across carriage driving cones. While these aren't new to me, I realised no one that I know of offers these in Model form?

If you have never come across them, they large cones designed for carriage wheels to pass by with a ball on top. If the ball is on the ground it indicates the cone has been hit.

Since these seem like a fun performance entry next season, I have decided to create a cone to then mould and cast in resin. If they go to plan, I may offer them as sets of 4 with the little balls included loose. Would there be any interest for them if I were to offer them as props? 

They are currently at the mould making stage now, so I will see how they work out and do another blog post about them too. :)

Monday, 13 October 2014

OOAK Set For Sale

I have decided to offer my Memphis Belle tack set for sale. It's mainly because my Belle and Hazel resins will now be retired for 2015 and it seems a shame for such a lovely set to be sat in its tack box not being used. I have new plans for showing next season and don't really need this set.

It is up for offers over on MHSP here -

It is open to offers until I receive one I am happy to accept, I don't want to drag it out longer than necessary. Of course if I don't receive a offer I'm happy with them I'll be very happy to keep it. :D

Now SOLD - Thank you to everyone that enquired. :)

Thursday, 9 October 2014

BMECS Championship Show 2014

On Saturday 4th October it was BMECS 2014 (British Model Equine Championship Show), this was my first year attending and although I only had a small show string it was very exciting!
Jaime and I travelled up the day before, which was a nightmare due to road works. What should have been a 2.30hr journey, ended up as 5hrs stuck in traffic! urghh! we then went straight to the train station to pick up another friend and headed to our hotel, shattered.

We arrived just as the doors were opening and found our allocated tables. Fortunately I had been placed with friends who I think might have wished I wasn't so near by, I managed to fill their tables with my stuff as I began to run out of room, Eek!

Anything at the front of the tables with a rider on is mine, apart from the half passing grey at the end....oops!

The hall filled up fast and before I knew it the showing had started. Luckily for me the workmanship classes were 1st in the performance ring, so I had extra time (and help) to set up my entries.

Prepare for some photo spam. I started off taking photo's of the performance but then things got a little busy and i just didn't have the time. These are what I did managed to take. :)

My performance entries all did very well. I only had 4 as I had to pull one at the last minute due to forgetting her belly rod. they all placed first and went in to the performance Championship!

I took Perfomance Champion with Razzle!

Reserve Champion with Misty!

Reserve to Reserve Champion with Scooby!

And my chestnut half passer won a Top 10 Rosette! I also got another Top 10 rosette with my tiny OF Zebra too.

All in all, a VERY good show! :D

A huge thank you to Lynne for helping me with my set ups (and Dave for carrying things for me!), and also to Glenys and Jaime, for puting up with me for the whole trip and show. The BMECS team were fantastic! The show ran on late and we had to leave before the end so I missed the resin Championship, however, it all ran smoothly and everyone had a great time. Roll on 2015! I can't wait to go again next year!

Photo credits to Jaime Hall & Liz Hibberd.

I'll leave you with some other photo's I took....

Oh!! and the giant pony who got a 3rd!! LOL :)

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Back to work

Well, the championship show here in the UK is over. It was a brilliant day, long, but brilliant, which I thoroughly enjoyed! I will do a blog post about it later tonight as I need to sort out photo's etc.

In the mean time I will post about my Knightly Cadence resin which I have been working on for a while now. Yesterday evening, I finally finished him! I changed his mane into braids and I gave him a shaved tail which is in keeping with our show horses here in the UK. I then painted him into a nice shaded bay, but he looked a little boring and plain, so I gave him some white which has really made him pop! A friend named him 'Krazy for Chrome' which I love and am keeping as it is KC! how fitting :)

Of course I had to tack him up, luckily Moonpie's tack fit him perfectly so I saddled him up and got his rider on board! 

I don't claim to be a painter but I do enjoy painting my own ponies, over time I have improved and learnt a lot more. I won't ever take painting commissions but it works well for me, and my horses have even been placed well at live shows. I can't ask for more than that.