Sunday, 17 January 2016


So, in a recent post I mentioned that I chose to go with 'Studio' as I also now do more that just create model saddlery. Well, I thought I would share a couple of pics of some jumps I created last year. The first one was for myself for this years live showing. I wanted something girly so I went with pink and hearts.....minus the glitter I don't think it comes much more girly than that! With this in mind I created my Heart jump, I did have to rein myself in though sadly as it would have been all to easy to go OTT, mind you I could always jazz it up later on I suppose! lol. Now I have to create a few pots and plan who will be the first to jump it!

The second jump was created for a friend, she loves her Cocker Spaniels so I wanted to create something especially for her. Something different so here it is...Spaniels on the wings! One thing I love about show jumps is that you can let your imagination run wild, it doesn't have to have been seen before and as long as you stick within the jump rules you can design what you like. Who knows, it might even be reversed and created from miniature and in to the real thing!

One good thing about an Oxer is you can chose different ways to use it, this one changed very well and should be very versatile.That is one thing I always try to create, something with plenty of versatility.

All the jump cups are hand made and the tutorial is over on the right hand side in the pages on here if you fancy making some yourself. These ones were just left unpainted :)


  1. Those jumps looks amazing! Wouldn't mind jumping one of those in lifesized versions (maybe not at that height but still :-P)

  2. I love how you designed them!


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