Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Fresh Start

So, after my last post I have been extremely busy! Tack is currently rolling off my work desk and I'm feeling very productive which is great. My plan is to complete as many sets as I can over the next few months as I have quite a few that should have gone out quite some time ago! Eek! So far, so good.

 I have decided to keep this blog up and running but I will be changing its look to match my website. I'll also continue to try and post when I can with what I'm up to and completed sets etc.

My first completed set for 2016 is a Dressage Set for Sjoerd. I always think models look so different in saddlery and Sjoerd is no exception to this rule. I can't wait to see him out and about with his new owner over this season's showing. Some pic's, enjoy! :)

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