Thursday, 29 October 2015

Custom Ponies

Every so often I dabble is some custom work. This guy has been around for a while now but I haven't ever done a blog post about him which seems a shame. I'm not a western person but I thought it was time I made the effort to have at least one horse in my herd.

So this is 'White Walker'. He should really be Roxilas as that is what he is made up from but I was watching Game of Thrones with the white walkers in the snow at the time, so it seemed more fitting with his blue eyes. He has a Roxy body and a Totilas head, I also extended his mane up and flicked his ears just to change him up a bit. I came across a lovely wild Mustang photo who was just perfect for what I wanted and at the time this seemed like a good idea, but on day 7 of layering white it totally wasn't! I never wanted to add white to a horse again! I have since done white on a horse but not to this extreme, I think this will be the first and the last.....remember, he is not completed in these pictures. :)

 I was due to go to a live show in July and I really wanted to take him, problem was there was no way he would be complete in time. So, with this in mind I decided he was very close to being done and I could try and do a bit more work then, wing it in performance. Which I did. I ended up doing an Extreme Cowboy entry which he placed first in! I was so pleased but he has now sat in my cabinet ever since! oops! I really must finish him when I get time......


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