Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Long over due........

Oh dear. My blog is feeling rather neglected lately. I shall attempt to liven it up a little bit with some recent live show photo's.

Last month I attended a Performance only show here in the UK, Blazing Saddles Live 2015, held by Lynne Elvin. This was a first as it had a much wider discipline range of classes which for me as a performance shower was great! We also had 30 minutes between classes to get ourselves ready. Now, this sounds a lot but in reality it was still hectic with 2 rings and a championship ring on the go, I ended up running around like a headless chicken, in fact i think most people did! Having said that it was a real blast and it has to be my favourite show so far. I'm now in the process of twisting Lynne's arm in to holding it again next year....she is swaying, lol. I will post the pictures of my entries and some of my friends as well. Enjoy! :)

Photo all belong to Jackie Radwanski (UK) and are used with her kind permission.

The above entries all belong to myself and the racing set up and cattle drive below belong to my friend Glenys who I proxied for. 

The next entries belong to another friend Martin, these were fantastic. You can really see all the work that goes in to them....

and a few others from more friends.....

Owned by Lynne Elvin

Owned by Diane Pike

Owned by Anne Healion

Owned by Jackie Radwanski

Great Cross Country class!

I wish I could put more of the photo's up as the standard was so high but there were hundreds taken and they wouldn't fit on my blog! Everyone made a real effort to make this show a success and it really did pay off! The Supreme Championship ended with these entries winning....

Riccy - Supreme Champion

Martin's entry - Reserve Supreme Champion
(Martin, I know you read this....I need a name for your horse, lol)

Scooby Snacks - Res to Res Supreme Champion