Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Sussex Showdown Live

So, this Sunday I attended Sussex Showdown in Sussex (Obviously, lol). It was a performance and OF Halter show held by Liz Hibberd. For me, this was a 50 minute drive off the ferry which wasn't to bad, the plus side was that because it was so early in the morning the motorways were empty.....handy when your so good at fluffing up which lane your supposed to be in! Oops!

We arrived well ahead of time but thankfully Liz showed up and let us in the hall anyway so we could help set things up and start unpacking. Jaime and I took some photo's but by the time the halter section came around I had forgotten to carry on, this is because I was helping my friend Lynne show her eminence show string as I don't collect OF. So, here are some of the photo's taken by Jaime and myself. Jaime is great at taking some brilliant angled shots, they make the entries look amazing! I can't thank her enough for snapping some of my ponies and allowing me to share her photo's, mine are all taken in a rush :)

(All dolls of mine are done by Joan Yount).

I'll start with my favourite boy, Lanark. Jaime took this great shot of him coming down the bank to the hedge with his huntsman rider on board. He placed 1st in a scene class. During this class I might have pinched a friends Fox off her entry and added it to mine............well, the hounds had to be chasing something and he was just so sweet! lol.

Lynne Elvin's hunt scene, this was so awesome! I loved all the detailing she had put in.

First up was the jumping class, that had some amazing entries. The hobby here in the UK performance wise is very small so it was great to see a class like this, especially with the standard increasing too. I didn't have anything in this class but I did help Jaime out with her customised TP....a few props might look familiar as I lent out a few of them to friends.

Jaime's custom Timepiece in Show jumping. He won this class.

Olivia Morris's Memphis Belle.

Lynne Elvin's Custom Starlite Jumper

Lynne Elvin's Memphis Belle.

Few of the dressage entries, my Eberl Ricardo and Lynne's Depeche.

Jaime took this wonderful photo of my Riccy, when I first saw it I though he was a real horse! 

Sjoerd (Gunner) went in harness, I had him doing Speed Obstacle Driving for a bit of fun. I actually think he really suits being in harness, and his Bill Duncan Draft cart was a perfect fit for him considering I got it from a friend (Thank you Stacey!!! xx). 

A few of the western entries. Top one is Lynne Elvin's and the other 2 belong to Diane Pike. I'm currently being blamed for Diane's new obsession on performance showing, can't think why? lol. Now to get her to BMECs this year! 

This entry I literally threw together the night before the show.....Peanut looked so sweet! 

The overall show Champion was Diane Pikes Pink western set up which is up above and Sjoerd took Res performance Champ!  

My next show (Blazing Saddles Live) is now coming up in June and it will be a big performance only show, I'm really looking forward to this one. Between my own and proxy showing for a friend I should have well over 12 entries! That is a lot of horses to get right on the day. Help! I often think how nice it would be to have the option of not having riders in performance, but alas, here in the UK we HAVE to have them....

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