Monday, 11 May 2015

Lil Andy!

While browsing my normal model horse groups on FB I came across this lil custom stablemate guy.....

Oh my! He is done by Frances Stevens here in the UK. Frances is a good personal friend so I know how hard she works on her minion creations, I even own quite a few myself and they are fabulous. She has done a wonderful job on this lil guy, his bay coat is amazing! I know she has left off any white so he can be shown as a Andalusian which I personally think is a very good idea. As you might know from my blog, I'm normally a someone that thinks a plain horse could do with a little touch of white some where but in this case I honestly don't think he needs it.

He is currently for sale with all his info on Ebay HERE  if anyone fancies a new minion to join their herd. :)

One more pic to drool over......

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