Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Its been a long time.....

I think its fare to say my blog has been neglected for some time so it is time to catch up.

I have attended 2 live shows since my last blog and have yet another next weekend and another 2 weeks after that. So, life is very hectic right now what with remaining tack work and trying to put together my next performance set ups. I have shown Lanark my Clyde twice, he has been out and done Cross country and Show Jumping so far. I was fortunate on both occasions to gain BMECs qualification cards which is very exciting! It means I haven't booked the hotel in October for no reason, lol! 

I will do a separate blog about the live shows but in the mean time I will share a couple of custom mini's I have created. I didn't used to be a mini lover but that all changed when I was lucky enough to purchase a couple of pieces of Frances Stevens (UK) work at a show last year. They were so easy to travel and show in halter! Since then my minion collection has been growing at an alarming rate! 

The 2 pieces I created are these - 

Above is Mouse. She is a customised Breyer SM Quarter horse (I believe) to a wind swept Paint. 

And this wee one is Dude, he was a Breyer SM Jumper to a Pintabian rearing stallion. I did a bit of work on this little guy which included adding tiny magnets into his back hooves so he could stand up right without having to rely on a really long tail for support. His disc which I created has magnets as well so he can be removed with ease.I am tempted to give him a blue eye this side as his lil brown one just doesn't show up is there, honest. 

These minions are NOT for sale, they have gone in to my personal show string for now. Hopefully they will do ok on the show circuit. :) 


  1. Mouse is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

  2. Lovely Cristina! Love the playful attitude of the pintabian.

  3. Your customs are fabulous! I love the pintabian! Where do you find magnets like you used for him, also some you use for boots? thank you! :)

  4. Thank you everyone :)

    Leona, The magnets are available via ebay, just search tiny magnets 1cm x 3cm ;)


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