Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Another off the 'To do list'

Just a quick post to show my finally completed Spanish working equitation set for Tiffany. It wasn't made for Oro so its all a little big for him but he still models it all well. Bless him, he has this look of 'really?' on his face...I don't think he is impressed, lol.

While waiting for things to dry yesterday I also made this lovely blue head collar. It was made for Breyer Idocus but fits KC nicely as well. I mentioned I wasn't planning on keeping it on my personal FB page and it soon got rehomed. :)

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  1. Amazing. Wooow. While looking at your website I caught nearly crying. It's so wonderful what you can make for those model horses. You make me speachless... I would really like to order tack, but I know that you are closed in the moment. Just wanted to hear when you open again? And can I order tack from your "Completed Sets" site?
    Cheers Cecilie


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