Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Sussex Showdown Live

So, this Sunday I attended Sussex Showdown in Sussex (Obviously, lol). It was a performance and OF Halter show held by Liz Hibberd. For me, this was a 50 minute drive off the ferry which wasn't to bad, the plus side was that because it was so early in the morning the motorways were empty.....handy when your so good at fluffing up which lane your supposed to be in! Oops!

We arrived well ahead of time but thankfully Liz showed up and let us in the hall anyway so we could help set things up and start unpacking. Jaime and I took some photo's but by the time the halter section came around I had forgotten to carry on, this is because I was helping my friend Lynne show her eminence show string as I don't collect OF. So, here are some of the photo's taken by Jaime and myself. Jaime is great at taking some brilliant angled shots, they make the entries look amazing! I can't thank her enough for snapping some of my ponies and allowing me to share her photo's, mine are all taken in a rush :)

(All dolls of mine are done by Joan Yount).

I'll start with my favourite boy, Lanark. Jaime took this great shot of him coming down the bank to the hedge with his huntsman rider on board. He placed 1st in a scene class. During this class I might have pinched a friends Fox off her entry and added it to mine............well, the hounds had to be chasing something and he was just so sweet! lol.

Lynne Elvin's hunt scene, this was so awesome! I loved all the detailing she had put in.

First up was the jumping class, that had some amazing entries. The hobby here in the UK performance wise is very small so it was great to see a class like this, especially with the standard increasing too. I didn't have anything in this class but I did help Jaime out with her customised TP....a few props might look familiar as I lent out a few of them to friends.

Jaime's custom Timepiece in Show jumping. He won this class.

Olivia Morris's Memphis Belle.

Lynne Elvin's Custom Starlite Jumper

Lynne Elvin's Memphis Belle.

Few of the dressage entries, my Eberl Ricardo and Lynne's Depeche.

Jaime took this wonderful photo of my Riccy, when I first saw it I though he was a real horse! 

Sjoerd (Gunner) went in harness, I had him doing Speed Obstacle Driving for a bit of fun. I actually think he really suits being in harness, and his Bill Duncan Draft cart was a perfect fit for him considering I got it from a friend (Thank you Stacey!!! xx). 

A few of the western entries. Top one is Lynne Elvin's and the other 2 belong to Diane Pike. I'm currently being blamed for Diane's new obsession on performance showing, can't think why? lol. Now to get her to BMECs this year! 

This entry I literally threw together the night before the show.....Peanut looked so sweet! 

The overall show Champion was Diane Pikes Pink western set up which is up above and Sjoerd took Res performance Champ!  

My next show (Blazing Saddles Live) is now coming up in June and it will be a big performance only show, I'm really looking forward to this one. Between my own and proxy showing for a friend I should have well over 12 entries! That is a lot of horses to get right on the day. Help! I often think how nice it would be to have the option of not having riders in performance, but alas, here in the UK we HAVE to have them....

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Another off the 'To do list'

Just a quick post to show my finally completed Spanish working equitation set for Tiffany. It wasn't made for Oro so its all a little big for him but he still models it all well. Bless him, he has this look of 'really?' on his face...I don't think he is impressed, lol.

While waiting for things to dry yesterday I also made this lovely blue head collar. It was made for Breyer Idocus but fits KC nicely as well. I mentioned I wasn't planning on keeping it on my personal FB page and it soon got rehomed. :)

Monday, 11 May 2015

Lil Andy!

While browsing my normal model horse groups on FB I came across this lil custom stablemate guy.....

Oh my! He is done by Frances Stevens here in the UK. Frances is a good personal friend so I know how hard she works on her minion creations, I even own quite a few myself and they are fabulous. She has done a wonderful job on this lil guy, his bay coat is amazing! I know she has left off any white so he can be shown as a Andalusian which I personally think is a very good idea. As you might know from my blog, I'm normally a someone that thinks a plain horse could do with a little touch of white some where but in this case I honestly don't think he needs it.

He is currently for sale with all his info on Ebay HERE  if anyone fancies a new minion to join their herd. :)

One more pic to drool over......

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Show Report.....

As I said in my previous post, I have attended 2 live shows since I wrote my last blog entry so I will catch up a little with how they went. My first show was in March, Southern Round Up 6 held in Petersfield. One thing you will notice in my photos is that the tables seem empty, this is because I like to take photos before removing my sets up and everyone else has already removed theirs. Also the flip boards might have been flipped to the next classes so please ignore them. :)

 I had 3 entries in performance at SRU6, Dressage, Cross Country and Driving. First up was the Jumping Class. Show Jumping and Cross country get combined in this shows schedule (common in the UK), so it was Lanark's first time out and it kicked started my quest to see how many classes I can enter him in this season doing different things.

He is a bit of a struggle to get right as his pose is a little awkward but I thought coming down this bank to the Coffin ditched with water in it suited him really well, his head is looking at what he is approaching. As you can see he placed 1st and gained his first ever BMECs card which means he can head to the Championship show in October! 

Next up was Dressage. In this class I did a combined entry with my friend Glenys Jones (UK), I created both our Korsar's to be like brothers so they could be teamed up in performance. Razzle is owned by Glenys on the left and Dazzle on the right belongs to me. 

I set these boys up doing Pas de Deux Dressage, I had seen a few set ups already but they are nearly always coming down a line side by side so I decided to change things up a bit and have them crossing at the top of the arena instead. It also gave both horses the opportunity to be seen. As you can see, these also gained a 1st and a BMECs card! 

My last entry was a driving set up with Darcy. Now this one took a bit of researching as I wasn't sure about her pose? Here in the UK we show very differently to the US in many disciplines, this sometimes confuses my American friends. In this example we show our Morgan horses with collared harnesses in Private Driving classes as they pull traditional British carriages. My main issue with putting Darcy into a Private Driving class wasn't the collar, it was that she is stood parked out? So, I contacted the British Driving Society and the British Morgan Horse Association and both told me the exact same thing. A Morgan horse in a Private Driving class would NOT be marked down by a judge if it happened to be stood parked out, this confirmed exactly what I suspected and now I was now able to document my set up and Darcy was good to go! 

Darcy went on to win her class and and take Performance Champion!

One thing I will say is document everything you can in performance properly, do your research! You can't expect a judge to know everything. If you can provide as much correct information on a performance set up it helps a judge come to an informed decision when placing the entries, they may not necessarily agree with what you have provided but you have given your entry the best possible chance. :)

At SRU6, I didn't take along much in the way of halter horses.....I don't know what it is, but I'm not a really a halter horse showing lover. How ever the horses I did enter did well which I was really pleased about. The picture below made us all laugh on the day, the AR UK Draft Breed class literally had 3 entries and they were all Clydes arranged in a degree of sizes! They just happened to place that way too! lol. It was definitely worth a photo, plus Lanark gained his halter BMECs card! 

My Custom Donk 'Kisses' won her class, as did my lil custom Collecta Shetland 'Freckles' both by the ubber talented Frances Stevens (UK).

To round the day off, Darcy won 1st in her halter class and then went on to take Supreme Show Champion in her Driving set up! A huge Thank you to Yvonne Dunn who hosts the Southern Round Up shows and everyone one that attended, really looking forward to the next one in July. :)


On to my next show, Springtime Showtime Live in North Wales!

This show is about a 6 hour drive off the ferry for me, so we decided to make a long weekend of it and stay in North Wales for 4 days. I booked us a National Trust cottage out in the sticks in the Snowdonia National Park, which was just around the corner from Snowdon itself...simply breath taking! We were up on a hillside with views right across a lake looking over to the mountains in the distance. Another plus was I was 20 minutes away from my friend Glenys so we could visit her well before the show itself, of course she had to come and look at the 16th century cottage we were staying in too. :) I will do another blog later about our stay, but for now....on to the show! 

I had already decided that I wasn't taking much to this show, literally 1 performance entry. The idea was more that I went to help Glenys out with all her entries as she only goes to one live show a year and its her only chance to qualify everything for the Championship show in October. So, we spent Friday working out all her entries and perfecting them as best we could. I have to say it was brilliant to be playing with someone else's models and props etc....a refreshing change! 

The Show was held in Abergele in a small village hall. We managed to nab a couple of tables in a corner which was very handy as we had a vast amount of stuff! 

I can't remember as to what order all the set ups went into the ring but here are some of Glenys entries....

These were both Jumping entries in the same class. Top one is a Legacy resin jumping a Apex cross country jump I made him. He took first in that class, followed by her lil Zim resin who took 3rd.

Rememeber my one entry of my own? Well, that was Lanark! He came out doing a little show jumping, he gained a 2nd place with yet another BMECs card.... yay! 2 disciplines down.

I also did most of the work to Glenys's little pony club games entry too, you may recognise his rider? she swapped Ruah and his apples for Chunk Butt and a little speed instead.....I must paint those pots! :-/ lol.

Next we go to Driving and Dressage.....

Both Glenys Mules came out for these disciplines, the cart entry gained a 1st and the Dressage a 2nd! Next up is the race set up....this one I loved! Glenys's Mister Shadow resins came in to their own and looked just brilliant on the day.

This made it to the championships, so when I placed them on their base board again I made it a photo finish!

Glenys then had some western entries. You probably know by now western is not my thing really so I will let them speak for themselves, I know she did struggle boot wise so had to make do for this show with what she had to hand. They all looked fabulous set up and all managed to gain those championship qualifying cards again :)

Unfortunately, one entry went in to the wrong class as we were so frazzled by this point with so many entries with different horses, so I have agreed to try and qualify it again at one of my next shows. It was a shame as it was a fun entry.....

All in all, it was worth all the effort we had put in as by the time the end of Performance championship came around, Glenys had won Performance Champion, Reserve Champion & Res to Res Champion! A clean sweep!  

^ Performance Champion ^

^ Reserve Performance Champion ^

^ Res to Res Performance Champion ^

Another big thank you to Michelle Cox & Marion Randles for a wonderful show, and of course to all the judges and attendee's too! I might be back next year, we will have to wait and see..... :)

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Its been a long time.....

I think its fare to say my blog has been neglected for some time so it is time to catch up.

I have attended 2 live shows since my last blog and have yet another next weekend and another 2 weeks after that. So, life is very hectic right now what with remaining tack work and trying to put together my next performance set ups. I have shown Lanark my Clyde twice, he has been out and done Cross country and Show Jumping so far. I was fortunate on both occasions to gain BMECs qualification cards which is very exciting! It means I haven't booked the hotel in October for no reason, lol! 

I will do a separate blog about the live shows but in the mean time I will share a couple of custom mini's I have created. I didn't used to be a mini lover but that all changed when I was lucky enough to purchase a couple of pieces of Frances Stevens (UK) work at a show last year. They were so easy to travel and show in halter! Since then my minion collection has been growing at an alarming rate! 

The 2 pieces I created are these - 

Above is Mouse. She is a customised Breyer SM Quarter horse (I believe) to a wind swept Paint. 

And this wee one is Dude, he was a Breyer SM Jumper to a Pintabian rearing stallion. I did a bit of work on this little guy which included adding tiny magnets into his back hooves so he could stand up right without having to rely on a really long tail for support. His disc which I created has magnets as well so he can be removed with ease.I am tempted to give him a blue eye this side as his lil brown one just doesn't show up unfortunately....it is there, honest. 

These minions are NOT for sale, they have gone in to my personal show string for now. Hopefully they will do ok on the show circuit. :)