Friday, 27 February 2015

UK Talent

Being from England, I often feel I should sometimes wave the Union Jack Flag for some of my other fellow artists and hobbyists in the UK. So, I thought I would do a post on one of the many talented people we are lucky enough to have here. The hobby in the UK isn't any where near on the scale as the US, but it is rapidly growing. So much so that our main Championship show BMECs, has had to be split in to a 2 day event this year! This is great news for the UK hobby and I really do hope it continues to grow.

At BMECs we have a British Artist Award, which is given out every year. This year it was awarded to Anne Healion ( I will find out details on the horse). The horse goes through the same showing process only in Workmanship, but then gets put forward to represent the artists at the championship show.

Photo belongs to Nicki Collins and is used with her permission.

Anne is a very good friend of mine and has painted a few horses for me, one of which is my Chestnut Depeche (seen in below post) who I love! Anne paints mainly minis, with the odd traditional ect, in soft pastels and then uses Acrylics for the details. I thought I would show a few of her pieces below, but will also give you the link to here facebook page HERE

These are a few of her most recent work & I love them all! Congrats on your Award Anne....totally deserved! For those of you who think you might like a piece painted by Anne, then please drop her a message via FB. All the above horses are sold.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Couple of Sets For Sale...

Quick post just to mention that I have just listed a couple of saddle sets to MHSP. Both are listed as up for 'Offers' until Sunday 15th Feb, all the details can be found in the ads.

BOTH NOW SOLD! Thank you so much to everyone that placed bids on my sets. :)

Set 1 - Dressage set - Advert HERE

Set 2 - Brown and Green Eventing Set - Advert HERE

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Dashing Darcy

So, I spent yesterday evening playing around with my Korsar's harness that he won at BMECs in last season as I planned to use it on my Ricardo resin this year, but while it was off I wondered out of curiosity whether it would fit Darcy? Hmmmm.....

Off the shelf she came and on went the harness! I dropped 1 hole in each cheek piece and surprisingly it fit really well. The only thing I did have an issue with was the breaching as Darcy's tail is down and fixed but I soon got around that after some research and enquiring via the British Carriage Driving Association who were extremely helpful.She will now have False Breaching instead which attaches to the carts shafts.Of course me being me had to then tweak the harness some more to add a little something to it and some how Darcy ended up with her own collar too.....I knew all the hames I bought a year ago would come in handy!

One posh Miss Darcy ready to go out in March in my traditional Dog Cart doing UK Private driving....