Friday, 30 January 2015

New purchases

So, after failing to sleep the other night and laying in bed with my ipad looking on ebay I may have incurred some finger slippage! Ebay is fatal and I normal try to avoid it. On this occasion I came across a little laying donkey who is the same make as my other customised one, Country artists. She is traditional scale this time though which is nice.

She is so sweet and was a bargain as she is brand new, I even have her original box and paper work. If I'm totally honest I don't like her eyes so I may redo them but on the whole I love her, she should make a good halter donk!

I also had more slippage only even though this girlie was listed on Ebay, I actually knew who owned her so went direct to her with a buying plea! Said plea was accepted and I'm now the proud owner of this Darcy resin who is sculpted and painted by Jennifer Scott! She is just stunning, I can't wait to do something with her this season!


  1. Oh I'm so glad/relieved to see that Darcy end up in a good home! Especially one that takes fantastic pictures! ^_^

    1. She is well loved Jen! She is already tack up and ready to head out in March. 😀


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