Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Funky Stirrups!

So, I have wanted to create these for such a long time, infact ever since I watch Olympia last year and a rider from Germany came into the arena with bright red stirrups on his jumping saddle! Finally I had conformation these had now hit the international showing circuit and I could use them on my sets for higher level Show Jumping and Cross country.

Those of you that follow my blog will know I have designed and created my own Light weight stirrup which are very popular for my own sets and I currently cast these in Black resin, BUT I can now cast them in all sort of funky colours! I managed to have a play last night and I produced these.....

These are so awesome! I plan to do a few extra modifications but on the whole I'm so pleased with them. Just like my Black version stirrups these will remain for my own personal use and I won't be offering them for sale separately, purely as I don't want to have to keep casting things, it eats in to the time I have to create other saddlery.

The Blue set is now reserved for my friend Stacey for her new jumping set and the Red ones I shall do for one of my own horses. I will be doing a sales set with some of these but I will probably do a different colour again......maybe purple or pink! I feel the urge to add colour! Haha :)


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