Friday, 30 January 2015

New purchases

So, after failing to sleep the other night and laying in bed with my ipad looking on ebay I may have incurred some finger slippage! Ebay is fatal and I normal try to avoid it. On this occasion I came across a little laying donkey who is the same make as my other customised one, Country artists. She is traditional scale this time though which is nice.

She is so sweet and was a bargain as she is brand new, I even have her original box and paper work. If I'm totally honest I don't like her eyes so I may redo them but on the whole I love her, she should make a good halter donk!

I also had more slippage only even though this girlie was listed on Ebay, I actually knew who owned her so went direct to her with a buying plea! Said plea was accepted and I'm now the proud owner of this Darcy resin who is sculpted and painted by Jennifer Scott! She is just stunning, I can't wait to do something with her this season!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Another Commission Complete

Quick post. These are for June, I was asked to make her a dressage set for the Breyer ASB mould. Also a huge Thank you to Jaime who lent me her horse to work on, mine got chopped up ages ago, lol.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Meet Kisses

This is Kisses, my one and only donkey in my collection! She is a classic size unknown ( I did know but have forgotten!) resin painted by Frances Stevens (UK). At some point this year I plan to show her as a British beach donkey in a scene which should be rather fun. So far, I have got as far as her little donkey bridle but have yet to create her little saddle, you can guess what colour it will be?! lol.

On another note, I continue to make progress with my Red and Black all purpose set. Here is its Bridle and its intended wearer. Just the girth, breastplate, boots and bell boots to go now!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Because Why Not!

Well, after some constructing I now have a Black and Red saddle! I'm loving the stirrups, they turned out brilliantly even if they are a little in your face, lol. I think I will be keeping this saddle in my personal collection for Moonpie my custom full flight horse, the red should go really well against her black and white Tobiano coat, plus seeing as I normally go for Blue it will make a nice change.

I now need to complete this as a set but seeing as I don't need it until May I have plenty of time. I will just have to try and restrain myself from going to OTT! ;)

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Funky Stirrups!

So, I have wanted to create these for such a long time, infact ever since I watch Olympia last year and a rider from Germany came into the arena with bright red stirrups on his jumping saddle! Finally I had conformation these had now hit the international showing circuit and I could use them on my sets for higher level Show Jumping and Cross country.

Those of you that follow my blog will know I have designed and created my own Light weight stirrup which are very popular for my own sets and I currently cast these in Black resin, BUT I can now cast them in all sort of funky colours! I managed to have a play last night and I produced these.....

These are so awesome! I plan to do a few extra modifications but on the whole I'm so pleased with them. Just like my Black version stirrups these will remain for my own personal use and I won't be offering them for sale separately, purely as I don't want to have to keep casting things, it eats in to the time I have to create other saddlery.

The Blue set is now reserved for my friend Stacey for her new jumping set and the Red ones I shall do for one of my own horses. I will be doing a sales set with some of these but I will probably do a different colour again......maybe purple or pink! I feel the urge to add colour! Haha :)

Monday, 19 January 2015

Personal Live Show Challenge

I haven't posted for quite a while so I thought I had better do a post. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year! I can't believe we are well in to 2015 already...eek!

Here in the UK the showing season will start again next month and its all very exciting! I can't believe how much I have missed showing and seeing everyone again. Its going to be great to catch up with everyone in person.

This season I have signed up for 9 live shows! Living on an island and having to catch a ferry to the mainland every time is quite a challenging, not to mention expensive so 9 is a lot. I have already started to plan out my show string for performance and I have been trying to think how to set myself a little challenge of my own. Now at the moment my Ullieam has to be my favourite horse out of my herd, i think its because he is going to be something different in the performance ring. The more I dug about Clydesdales the more I discovered he could do....hmmmm? I wonder how many disciplines I could have him doing over the course of the showing season?

Having researched I can do lots! no longer will he be a standard harness horse! Nope! this boy is going to be fun, so much so that his first outing is going to be in Cross Country! yay! My first show will be Southern Round Up 6 so he will make his debut there, I have already kitted him out and made him a fab can't see the set up until its in the ring, I want to keep some surprise but here he is with his rider, don't they make an awesome team!

Some of you may know but Clydesdales originate from Lanarkshire in Scotland. Clydesdale was the old name for Lanarkshire hence the Clydesdale Horse. With this in mind I have called him Lanark, it seemed fitting to me and it suits him. :)

My Challenge to myself is now to see how many disciplines I can enter him in to over the showing season, it will be interesting to see how he gets on and which one is your favourite. :)