Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Working Away

I closed my order books back in 2013 but I'm still working my way through orders. I don't have many left now thankfully and I'm finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel but this is the main reason my blog is so quiet lately as I just don't get the time to update it sadly.

 I like to work on a few things at a time for various reasons and when I saw what was next on my list I did get quite excited. I haven't worked on one of these sets for well over 4 years...might even be 5? *eek!*. So it's nice to be playing around again. By now obviously my techniques have moved on so my previous template wasn't any good to me, I had to start a fresh. This is no bad thing though, if you hit it right, it gets the motivation flowing which is exactly what has happened.

Now, I'm not going to tell you what I'm working on but I'm sure you might be able to guess from my sneaky preview as there is a give away showing. I will of course post photo's of the completed set when done but for now...........

On a relevant note, I have had quite a few emails asking about custom orders. I'm so sorry but I honestly just can't take on any new orders. I might consider opening my order books for a very limited amount later on when I have cleared what I have but for the time being my order books remain Closed. :)

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Custom Ponies

Every so often I dabble is some custom work. This guy has been around for a while now but I haven't ever done a blog post about him which seems a shame. I'm not a western person but I thought it was time I made the effort to have at least one horse in my herd.

So this is 'White Walker'. He should really be Roxilas as that is what he is made up from but I was watching Game of Thrones with the white walkers in the snow at the time, so it seemed more fitting with his blue eyes. He has a Roxy body and a Totilas head, I also extended his mane up and flicked his ears just to change him up a bit. I came across a lovely wild Mustang photo who was just perfect for what I wanted and at the time this seemed like a good idea, but on day 7 of layering white it totally wasn't! I never wanted to add white to a horse again! I have since done white on a horse but not to this extreme, I think this will be the first and the last.....remember, he is not completed in these pictures. :)

 I was due to go to a live show in July and I really wanted to take him, problem was there was no way he would be complete in time. So, with this in mind I decided he was very close to being done and I could try and do a bit more work then, wing it in performance. Which I did. I ended up doing an Extreme Cowboy entry which he placed first in! I was so pleased but he has now sat in my cabinet ever since! oops! I really must finish him when I get time......

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

BMECs 2015

I haven't posted on this blog for a long time now and thought it was probably time for me to make the effort to do so, so here goes.....

This weekend was the British Model Equine Championships or as we know it here BMECs. This year it was run over 2 days instead of just the one due to the amount of people and their horses wanting to attend so that for me meant at least a 2 night hotel stay. Some may already know that I live on the Isle of Wight which is an off shore Island at the bottom of England so planning a trip to the mainland is quite a challenge, I can't obviously just drive there as it means crossing the water by ferry. This does how ever mean that something like BMECs becomes a mini break which is lovely.

One of the things I love most about this show compared to our normal live shows is that I get to meet up with friends at the same hotel and have dinner together, its so nice to catch up with people you haven't seen for some time and have a laugh. This years 2 day show for me was a huge success! The team had split the sections perfectly and everything flowed so smoothly, this was a huge credit to the team and Richard and Sally who were stewarding the rings. When we arrived we were greeted at our allocated tables with a goodie bag and a free horse from Breyer which was such a lovely touch and a welcoming start to the show.

Performance was on Day 1 and run all day with a break for lunch. If I remember correctly my ponies took 2nd in Scene (Hunt), 1st in Dressage, 1st in PC Games and 1st in Driving. The three 1st places then took Group winners and the Driven entry won Performance Champion and the Games set up won a Top ten!  I have to say I was extremely pleased with my entries as there were some great set ups on the tables.

I also won the Door Prize which shocked me as I didn't realise they were doing one?! That was the Year of the Horse model, unfortunately as I don't collect OF he will be going to a friend along with his little grey companion next to him.

I was also very grateful to be awarded the British Model Tack/Prop Maker award! Huge Thank you to Yvette for nudging me to enter.

I will do another post with the photo's I took from both days, they just might all be on the performance side and not the have been warned! :)

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Long over due........

Oh dear. My blog is feeling rather neglected lately. I shall attempt to liven it up a little bit with some recent live show photo's.

Last month I attended a Performance only show here in the UK, Blazing Saddles Live 2015, held by Lynne Elvin. This was a first as it had a much wider discipline range of classes which for me as a performance shower was great! We also had 30 minutes between classes to get ourselves ready. Now, this sounds a lot but in reality it was still hectic with 2 rings and a championship ring on the go, I ended up running around like a headless chicken, in fact i think most people did! Having said that it was a real blast and it has to be my favourite show so far. I'm now in the process of twisting Lynne's arm in to holding it again next year....she is swaying, lol. I will post the pictures of my entries and some of my friends as well. Enjoy! :)

Photo all belong to Jackie Radwanski (UK) and are used with her kind permission.

The above entries all belong to myself and the racing set up and cattle drive below belong to my friend Glenys who I proxied for. 

The next entries belong to another friend Martin, these were fantastic. You can really see all the work that goes in to them....

and a few others from more friends.....

Owned by Lynne Elvin

Owned by Diane Pike

Owned by Anne Healion

Owned by Jackie Radwanski

Great Cross Country class!

I wish I could put more of the photo's up as the standard was so high but there were hundreds taken and they wouldn't fit on my blog! Everyone made a real effort to make this show a success and it really did pay off! The Supreme Championship ended with these entries winning....

Riccy - Supreme Champion

Martin's entry - Reserve Supreme Champion
(Martin, I know you read this....I need a name for your horse, lol)

Scooby Snacks - Res to Res Supreme Champion

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Sussex Showdown Live

So, this Sunday I attended Sussex Showdown in Sussex (Obviously, lol). It was a performance and OF Halter show held by Liz Hibberd. For me, this was a 50 minute drive off the ferry which wasn't to bad, the plus side was that because it was so early in the morning the motorways were empty.....handy when your so good at fluffing up which lane your supposed to be in! Oops!

We arrived well ahead of time but thankfully Liz showed up and let us in the hall anyway so we could help set things up and start unpacking. Jaime and I took some photo's but by the time the halter section came around I had forgotten to carry on, this is because I was helping my friend Lynne show her eminence show string as I don't collect OF. So, here are some of the photo's taken by Jaime and myself. Jaime is great at taking some brilliant angled shots, they make the entries look amazing! I can't thank her enough for snapping some of my ponies and allowing me to share her photo's, mine are all taken in a rush :)

(All dolls of mine are done by Joan Yount).

I'll start with my favourite boy, Lanark. Jaime took this great shot of him coming down the bank to the hedge with his huntsman rider on board. He placed 1st in a scene class. During this class I might have pinched a friends Fox off her entry and added it to mine............well, the hounds had to be chasing something and he was just so sweet! lol.

Lynne Elvin's hunt scene, this was so awesome! I loved all the detailing she had put in.

First up was the jumping class, that had some amazing entries. The hobby here in the UK performance wise is very small so it was great to see a class like this, especially with the standard increasing too. I didn't have anything in this class but I did help Jaime out with her customised TP....a few props might look familiar as I lent out a few of them to friends.

Jaime's custom Timepiece in Show jumping. He won this class.

Olivia Morris's Memphis Belle.

Lynne Elvin's Custom Starlite Jumper

Lynne Elvin's Memphis Belle.

Few of the dressage entries, my Eberl Ricardo and Lynne's Depeche.

Jaime took this wonderful photo of my Riccy, when I first saw it I though he was a real horse! 

Sjoerd (Gunner) went in harness, I had him doing Speed Obstacle Driving for a bit of fun. I actually think he really suits being in harness, and his Bill Duncan Draft cart was a perfect fit for him considering I got it from a friend (Thank you Stacey!!! xx). 

A few of the western entries. Top one is Lynne Elvin's and the other 2 belong to Diane Pike. I'm currently being blamed for Diane's new obsession on performance showing, can't think why? lol. Now to get her to BMECs this year! 

This entry I literally threw together the night before the show.....Peanut looked so sweet! 

The overall show Champion was Diane Pikes Pink western set up which is up above and Sjoerd took Res performance Champ!  

My next show (Blazing Saddles Live) is now coming up in June and it will be a big performance only show, I'm really looking forward to this one. Between my own and proxy showing for a friend I should have well over 12 entries! That is a lot of horses to get right on the day. Help! I often think how nice it would be to have the option of not having riders in performance, but alas, here in the UK we HAVE to have them....

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Another off the 'To do list'

Just a quick post to show my finally completed Spanish working equitation set for Tiffany. It wasn't made for Oro so its all a little big for him but he still models it all well. Bless him, he has this look of 'really?' on his face...I don't think he is impressed, lol.

While waiting for things to dry yesterday I also made this lovely blue head collar. It was made for Breyer Idocus but fits KC nicely as well. I mentioned I wasn't planning on keeping it on my personal FB page and it soon got rehomed. :)