Thursday, 6 November 2014

All Purpose Set

This is my most recently completed set for Erika. She asked for something versatile with a few options for her to do a few things so I have include a extra saddle pad and a full stud girth. This should allow her to do Hunting, Show Jumping and Cross country if she wanted to. Hopefully she will like it.

Misty my Memphis Belle resin is a little super star, i use her a lot for tack orders and she always shows it off to her best! :)


  1. Gorgeous set, I love your fine browbands!

  2. I cannot get over just how realistic that last photo makes everything look. O___O

  3. Wow ... Beautiful. Buyer or herself doing these things?

  4. GORGEOUS! Do you just use kangaroo lace for your bridles?!

    1. Thanks :) No, I use tooling leather too. ;)


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