Thursday, 6 November 2014

All Purpose Set

This is my most recently completed set for Erika. She asked for something versatile with a few options for her to do a few things so I have include a extra saddle pad and a full stud girth. This should allow her to do Hunting, Show Jumping and Cross country if she wanted to. Hopefully she will like it.

Misty my Memphis Belle resin is a little super star, i use her a lot for tack orders and she always shows it off to her best! :)

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Orange Carriage Cones

I have finally managed to spray some of my new Carriage Cones orange! It wasn't helped by our weather which has decided to rain ever since I mentioned painting them.....guess I jinxed it :(

I love these! They look fab painted up but I have decided that when I offer them for sale they will be unpainted as it will save me time, plus it will save you guys pennies too. The balls will be yellow or white and included with them.

 They will end up being $12 per pair plus $6 shipping (worldwide). I have had interest in these so will take down names soon with how many you would like, these will then be cast to order and shipped out. I will make these until the moulds are wasted, once they are no longer able to cast cones that will be it! I won't be making more. :)

Here is a quick pic taken with my IPad to give an idea of the height of the cones, I'll get proper ones a little later on. :)