Saturday, 25 October 2014

Order Book Update

Ignore little Toodlesnoot above, I just figured every post was better with a picture in it, plus he is cute! :)

I wanted to give a heads up on my remaining orders, these are commissions. After sorting out my work desk a few weeks ago I have managed to loose my main tiny tack orders book...Eek! I do have a back up book BUT it is missing some information. I therefore will post every ones initials in a small list with where they are (country), if you can't see yourself on the list but you know I have you down for a slot, can you please contact me to give me a nudge. I will also go back through my emails via the senders to check but this may take a while sadly.

Commissions -

J.B - In progress
C.W (Aus)
Y.E (UK)
S.C (Aus)
O.M (UK)
G.B (Germany)
C.J (UK)

These aren't in order. All pending Trades I do have noted down and I know to be correct. :)

As you can see, my orders have dropped down considerably! which is great as I want them entirely gone before I reopen my books again. When I do start to take on some orders it will be a few at a time, I'm not overwhelming myself again. Please also note, I will announce slots HERE, and not via facebook but I will make people aware via FB that slots could be coming. I find my blog much easier to update than FB which is very selective as to when it allows me to message people.  

My order Books will re open in 2015, watch this space for slots!

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