Sunday, 26 October 2014

Halloweenies Live 2014

 Halloweenies is a Live show just for stablemate/mini model horses and is held here in the UK every year by Claire Goss. I suspect that as I type this, the show will be ending as it was held today. I'm not a collector of mini models so I didn't go this year but I did send along a little Customised Friesain I won in the raffle at BMECS earlier this month with my friend to proxy for me. At lunchtime I received this....

My little boy won his class and went on to win Res Champ! I'm so pleased as he is so cute. A big thank you to Franceyn Dare of Australia for donating this boy to BMECS....he is a little star!

Also Congratulations to Jaime, who took Custom Champion with her horse! Thank you for showing my little guy for me, I now need more minis so I can attend in person next year! I hope everyone had a great time, congrats to all the winners and a big thank you to Claire for holding the show. :) 

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