Friday, 24 October 2014

Driving Obstacle Cones Progress....

Now I have a little more time and am not in a rush I can do a little Driving Cones update. I haven't really had much time to work on theses but I have managed to cast the first batch of cones! They turned out really well. Over this weekend if the weather is nice I shall get them in primer ready to be sprayed their final colour. I also have the little balls to create too for the tops, these will be either yellow or white, you can have either but I haven't decided yet. 

My next post on these will most likely be with them completed. I'm actually quite excited! If I do release these they will  be as a set of Four, they are working out at around $25 a set. That's taking into account me casting them in resin, prepping them and painting them up. I'm hoping that won't be to much. :)

Below, FEI approved real version of my mini Cones. 

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