Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Carriage Driving Cones

While browsing through driving photo's and deciding what I could possibly do next with my carriage I came across carriage driving cones. While these aren't new to me, I realised no one that I know of offers these in Model form?

If you have never come across them, they large cones designed for carriage wheels to pass by with a ball on top. If the ball is on the ground it indicates the cone has been hit.

Since these seem like a fun performance entry next season, I have decided to create a cone to then mould and cast in resin. If they go to plan, I may offer them as sets of 4 with the little balls included loose. Would there be any interest for them if I were to offer them as props? 

They are currently at the mould making stage now, so I will see how they work out and do another blog post about them too. :)


  1. I do make cones in model scale, but not the ones that are slanted like that! Those are neat!

  2. I would definitely be interested in the cones! I've tried cones in harness a couple of times before with my miniature mare and it is so much fun, showjumping of the harness world!

  3. YES PLEASE! Bonus points if you can do classic scale too, please...! :D


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