Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Recycling Scrap Leather

I think it is fair to say I have 2 drawers that are literally over flowing with odd pieces of scrap leather and lace, it has got to the point now where I need to do something about it as I do tend to hoard anything that looks like it might be useful later on. Some of this stuff has been there for well over 5 years now! eek!

Having some waiting time during my commission orders I thought I would grab some bits and see if I could do anything constructive with my drawer leather. I also went through my hardware drawers and found a few Stallion bits I must have also ordered years ago but never used. These gave me an idea of a Stallion in hand bridle. After about 5 days grabbing bits of time here and there to working on it I came up with this.....

Pretty Smart and hard to believe it was scrap leather! I love how it turned out especially with my more modern twist of silver hardware instead of brass. The only thing i did have reservations about was the bit. This style is only available etched and not cast, normally I would steer well clear of these as I just don't like them and probably why its been in a drawer for years but having given it a little tweak it actually looks really nice....

The bridle and its matching number holder will now go into my personal collection and I'm certain it will make an appearance at a Live show next season!


  1. Fabulous! The bridle is better than the doll's face... : ) I presume the bit 'tweak' is the mouthpiece. Oh that noseband is splendid. It is so important to make tack for yourself now and then!
    P.S. Is 'draw' for 'drawer' a Britishism I'm not aware of?

    1. Haha, yes....poor doll :) Yes, I added a mouth piece to the bit as those etched ones are just too flat. They do not sit on the face very nicely at all :(

      Oh! No, it's not. It's my darn Ipad and it's 'correcting' only it's wrong....will go change them, lol ;)

  2. Beautiful! It suits him so well! :)

  3. I, just like you, try to steer clear of those darn etched, flat bits!


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