Sunday, 10 August 2014

Major Updating.....

It seems I have a lot of updating to do to my Blog so prepare for a few posts as I think they will be better split up. I will start off with Southern Round Up 5 which was last month.

This lil guy is Scooby, he was my pony club entry doing Apple Bobbing! he came 2nd in his class to my driving entry which came first. The driving entry also took reserve performance Champ too.....maybe my driver really should have  had a shave, lol.

Next was my Cross country entry, this set up was actually hard work to create and took me a while to do. Just before the show I almost pulled it out of my performance string as its such a big diorama, as it was it was a good job I didn't as it went on to take Performance Champion and the Over All Supreme Champion!

This last picture I actally love! it was taken by my friend Jaime Hall, what a great way to view Quiver my mare and her rider! :)

On to my next post....... :)


  1. Gorgeous set ups! What did you use to achieve those realistic water effects?

  2. Beautiful horses and set ups!! :)

  3. That apple bobbing setup is fantastic, exactly the right attitude from a gaming pony! XD
    The XC dio though, woooow!

  4. Thank you all :)

    Danielle - the splashes are created using 'Scenic Waves'. They take ages to complete by the end result is worth it!


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