Sunday, 10 August 2014

In my Studio

My Studio work desk has been a very busy place lately, i have managed to compete various projects. the first up is a Harley D Zip tack set that went up for sale via MH$P (now sold). I will admit to very nearly keeping this set for my personal collection but unfortunately I need other things more so it had to go.

Next is a dressage Set for Tina, this set I'm really pleased with as it looks extremely smart on my Depeche. We must have very similar tastes in horses to as her Depeche is almost exactly the same in colour as mine! At least she will know what he will look like tacked up, lol. :)

These saddles below are also completed, the first one now belongs to Jaime for her Memphis Belle and will evenually become a set. And the second one was another sales piece. I think I broke my record on this one for selling as it was quite literally sold in 10 seconds flat! I have to thank the wonderful people within this hobby who are so supportive of my work....Thank you! x

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  1. Wow! That is so amazing! My tack is nowhere near as good as that!


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