Sunday, 10 August 2014

Final Trio of Posts!

The picture above is from Summer Lovin Live yesterday. I hadn't planned on having Misty enter another show BUT the New Forest Show she previously qualified in very nearly end up disallowed as the host failed to get the results into the championship team in time. So my only option was to ask a friend to show her again for me and see if we could re qualify her as I plan to travel to BMECS in October.

Thankfully Lynne did a marvellous job with setting her up etc and she won her class and also took Performance Champ and Reserve Over All Champ! The Judge later told me she would have taken Supreme if Yvonne hadn't got a little thrown over that hedge and had moved on her saddle when being judged....oh well, these things happen, lol. I'm still thrilled and I gained that ever so important BMECS card! yay!

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  1. Wow, wow and more wow! This blog and your tack is amazing! I wish mine was this good!


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