Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Break from Tack Work...

I'm sure most people within the model horse hobby have a 'Want list' of horses they would love to add to their collection, I know I do. Admittedly mine are nearly all warmbloods and mostly sculpted by Brigitte Eberl so my latest herd member was no exception. I have been after a Eberl Ricardo for ages (long sold out) and while doing my normal sweep of MH$P one suddenly cropped up! He was a good price, not to far away and I liked his paintwork so hit that contact vendor button and crossed my fingers he was still available.

Thankfully I managed to buy him but he arrived damaged (I swear they kick the boxes about!), the seller honestly couldn't have packed him any better and short of hand delivering him in person there was nothing she could have done so I said he was an easy fix for me and I would just sort him out. This meant fixing a cracked back leg and a ear tip that had been sliced off. Unfortunately this also meant a new paint job as I couldn't get away with just a minor repair on that leg which was such a shame.

The fix went smoothly and within a few days I had Ricky ready for paint. Next up was colour? After a mistake years ago I no longer just pluck a fancy colour from the air then hope for the best in picking a breed for the horse, it is a very frustrating way of doing things plus most warmbloods, hunters and native ponies here just do not come in those colours, like it or not! So I now pick a breed for my pony and then research which colours are possible within that breed....hasten to say I normally get Bay, Chestnut, Grey, Black and sometimes palomino.

With this in mind and knowing what I want my horse to be doing performance wise I chose a nice dark Bay with minimal white. This is the first bay I have done since completing my last custom horse Rogue (few years now) and I was a little rusty as to which colours I normally mix. Thankfully he turned out great and I'm really pleased with him.....One fresh new pony!

I just love Ricardo's face, it is so much like Willoughby's.....full of character!


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