Monday, 21 July 2014

So Busy....

 Well I haven't posted anything on my blog for ages and this is mainly due to the only access i have to it being a dinosaur computer which recently has decided it will only work when it wants to, grrr. My Ipad just seems completely incompatible with blogger as I can't scroll down when trying to post something. Anyway, a post at last!

First up is the lovely Sjoerd! I brought one of these guys way back before christmas on the day they were released and about 2 weeks ago he turned up! he is a very big chunky horse but he is so lovely. Knowing i had a show within 2 weeks time I had a mad rush to get him painted, tacked up and into the show ring....thankfully he won his class and his halter class too. Another plus was that he also won a 'Best resin' ribbon so I'm thrilled I managed to complete him in time.

Southern Round Up 5  was held last Saturday and in total I had 5 entries in Performance which as normal were all rather elaborate. I have to say If I hadn't had a helping hand from my friend Lynne I would never have pulled it off successfully so I owe many of my entries to her too.

Tomorrow I will post photo's about the show and catch up on where I am at but for now enjoy Sjoerd and his rider :)

Side Note - I'm going to be removing my email address from my blog as I just can't take on any more work until I shift what I currently have, sorry! I will replace it later on but I will also warn you I'm also at the stage of no more commission work too, its getting just to stressful. Also I'm unable to answer any messages via my facebook Ck Tiny Tack page too. :)