Monday, 2 June 2014

Lost my Mojo.....

Its pretty obvious that I haven't been blogging much lately and that not a lot of tack has been produced. Why? Well, I have lost some enthusium from being over whelmed. I think I hit a point where I needed to have a break and take some time to actually admire my horses, props etc. After some time out I now feel at a place where I can carry on with mini saddlery. To test the waters as it were I created this Lower level dressage bridle which is now up for sale over on MHSP if anyone is interested. I really do love how it turned even has real teeny tiny Swaroski crystals which I had to carefully inset one by one. They certainly do catch your eye!

During my time out I had serveral horses turn up, I knew I'd lost my tack mojo as I just didn't want to create any tack for them! *gasp!* this never happens! I did how ever have a urge to prep a couple, mainly as I know something rather special is in the post to me as I type and these guys will be a part of it!

I have 1 horse completed but the other is half done so I will save that for another blog post later on. :)