Sunday, 13 April 2014

Nice Surprise!

Do you remember the cute Red and Black cart I found a couple of weeks back while down in Cornwall on a weekend break? Well, I posted some pictures of this gorgeous carriage on my facebook page with a message ' I really need this in miniature!.

This morning I logged in to find this with me tagged on it!! I had to look twice, lol

Its just fantastic! I'm sure we all know within the hobby just how brilliantly talented Bill Duncan is at making carriages etc and I think my photo's inspired him to reproduce the real cart into minature. It's not fully completed yet but it already looks like the real thing and I'm so thrilled that he has kindly allowed me to give it a new home!

It really did make my day and I can't thank you enough Bill x. I now have itchy fingers to start making harnesses for it so I can get it along to shows, I even have the pair of horses already planned! lol. I think I shall also contact the National Trust at Lanhydrock house to see if they can provide me with more information about it too. It would be lovely to know the full history of the cart and for them to know its been shrunk. :)

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