Saturday, 12 April 2014

Misty's ready to go!

This is Misty's new Eventing set which I have created for her. I have a live show in 2 weeks time so I thought I'd better get my finger out and start finishing off some of my entries. She has a new rider too which was created by Joan Yount, she is just fabulous!

I can't wait to get these girls in the ring with my new jump, its something different. Now I just have a dressage saddle to go.....


  1. Absolutely stunning work, as ever - the little nose strip just makes it!

    1. Thank you :). I have always wanted to add one to a set as a finishing touch. I have a live show tomorrow and will be showing this set, I'll post pictures of it all set up with the jump and rider. :D

  2. I love your tack! It's quite amazing! I've noticed that you often use magnets for your boots and it's very smart; I've never thought about that. What kind of magnets do you use? I know there's lots of small magnets out there, so I want to know what you prefer.


    Devon Comstock


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