Saturday, 19 April 2014

A Touch of White

Last week I called in a fellow hobbists house to collect a jumping pony she agreed to lend me, while there we were discussing a few chips and marks her Memphis Belle had on her through the wear and tear of performance showing and the age of the paintwork too. She was trying to find someone to repair her for her so I offered to take her home and sort her out. 

While having Belle in hand I asked if my friend would like some white adding to her? I felt she seemed very flat and a bit boring in colour so some white might just lifts her a bit. She then said I could do what I wanted to her?! How trusting. :)

This is now the same Belle but with a little modification. She was painted in 2007 by the talented Cindy Williams so I just touched up the coat where the chips etc were and then set to work adding a blaze and sock to her hind foot, obviously I then had to redo the hoof etc too. I also re did her eyes are they were very dark and blacked in her mane and tail so she was a true Bay. The look I wanted to achieve does suit her and she looks like a fresh horse again....the most important thing of all is her owner loves her so I'm so pleased. it just shows what a touch of white can do! 


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