Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Komet Tacked Up

I thought I'd post a couple of photo's of my Komet tacked up in Moonpie's Jumping Set & to say its for sale. I'm always amazed how saddlery changes a horse. In Komet's case I think the grackle noseband really does suit him along with the silver clincher browband.

I have made a note to make him the same when his turn to have his own set comes around. Moonpie's set that he is wearing now has now gone up for sale over on MHSP as a direct sale. I'm not putting it up for offers this time around as Moonpie won't be shown again this season as she has now qualified for the champs & I need to fund other things.

Updated - Tack Set SOLD 

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  1. Just thinking that a dutch gag with the reins on the second to bottom hole would look really sharp on him! I love your tack so much!!!!


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