Sunday, 6 April 2014

A little piece of England

For a long time I thought of the National Trust for the UK as something for the older generation, this was until about 4 years ago when I visited Mottistone Manor Gardens here on the Isle of Wight. It soon became clear that what they do benefits everyoneno matter what age you are.

About 4 years ago I became a member and started to enjoy the land and properties that the National Trust own. This friday we set off early for a weekend break down in Cornwall to visit some of the houses and estates there. We arrived quicker than we thought we would so threw in a visit to the Eden Project (not NT owned). The picture above is of a horse sculpture that greets you on arrival to Eden.....I really wanted to take this home! lol.

For those who don't know the Eden project it was originally a old Quarry which they turned into this above. Under the huge domes at the back is a rainforest biome, this is sweltering when its sunny....luckily for us the sun came out so we left that section looking like tomatoes! lol. Very much worth it though. The second set of domes is the Mediterranean biome, that one was a lot cooler! If you ever get the chance to visit here its well worth doing. There is even a zip wire ride that goes right over the whole quarry if your feeling brave!

Saturday we headed down to NT's Lanhydrock and were greated with its huge and impressive entrance gate. I sort of thought it looked a little Alice in Wonderland?

The house itself has 52 rooms to visit which takes some walking, I think we were in there a good 2 hours taking everything in.

And from behind and above...

The gardens were pristine with its very own church....

and thatched cottage....

But then I found this!

The Coach house with these....

and most of all this!

This carriage is over 100 years old and still looks fantastic! I spent ages looking over it and examining the details on it. From the leather straps and chains holding the swingle tree to the break to the left....even the hind steps and the picnic baskets tucked under the seat! How civilised! One can picnic on the lawn!

If you look in at the information stand 2 photos up you will see this was pulled in tandem. There was also this old painting in the house which had a reference to this cart, you sort of get the idea of it out about around the grounds.

I can't help thinking what a brilliant performance set up that would be! I have another trip to post about but I shall leave that one until tomorrow, it has horsey things too! :)

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