Wednesday, 26 March 2014

New Boots!

Normally I wait until weekends to work on things for myself but today while waiting for some of my commission stuff to dry etc I decided to get out some of leather and have a go at creating some Eventing Boots for Misty.

I've wanted to have a go at creating PEi's Aircooled boots for ages now but never really got a chance to. I dug out my reference file and finally found some pictures of the real things and set to work.

 I have to say these have to be the most fiddly boot set I have created to date! I don't feel 100% happy with them and do think they still need a tweak here and there but on the whole they are sweet and will be making an appearance my next live show! I think later on I might offer them as boot options for commissions but for now they are OOAK. :)

On a separated note, Yes I am still taking saddle pad commissions and ask that anyone wanting to order some please contact me via my email address in the contact section on here. Thanks! :)

Monday, 24 March 2014

Lastest Show

Moonpie was finally finished last weekend just in time for my 2nd Live Show....eek! My first 2 performance entries got ditched due to a few things being held up in transit (UK customs I HATE you! grrr) so I had to come up with a Plan C literally all in a week! Moonpie ended up as my first ever performance entry and I have to say dispite the horror stories I really enjoyed it and can't wait for my next show in April. 

Here she was in the ring.....

The photo's are quite misleading as the class was fairly large and we had to add an extra table to the others, plus all the English disciplines were all in the same class which was a bit of a shame. Dolly, horse and jump all played nicely on the day and I think I had it all ready with in a few minutes.....not bad going! lol. Ok, so I did sort of have some help but not what your thinking. My jump wings have tacky glue on the bottoms of them to cement them to the board and my reins and riders hands have diddy little magnets in them (these are just awesome btw) so I kind of hand some help, no matter how much wobbling they took they all stayed put! I don't call it cheating....mearly being creative! lol.

Now that I have a breather from showing for a month I'm slowing working through a back log of emails. I apologise if I'm slow on replying and you should hear from me very soon if you have sent me something. :)

Over this weekend I also got a chance to sort out my Eberl Komet resin. I have never liked his feet, one of his front hooves was being twisted by his weight and with his base being unlevel where his foot sat. It was a deep breathe moment when i took the hack saw to his foot pegs as I had to get him off that base if possible. Thankfully it all worked out really well, I managed to repair his leg and straighten out both feet that were on the floor.

Here is is before....

And After....

I took the opportunity to go over him completely touching his paint work up here and there. I also rebuilt some of his hooves and shoed him properly with little sculpted resin shoes with toe clips. Believe it or not he is now much more stable and doesn't wobbly at all, this is a huge relief as he was rocking on his old base. He is now ready to be kitted out and have a new rider on his back.....maybe he can go hunting! ;)

Saturday, 1 March 2014


This is my new eventing saddle I have finally completed for Misty my Memphis Belle resin. It was inspired by Mary King's famous green seated saddle which she uses for cross country and jumping. As I have decided to have my cross country colours as combination of blues I created my saddle with this in mind. 

I wanted to show it at my next live show which is coming up in a couple of weeks time but unfortunately things have taken a twist and it looks like the doll I'm having made to go with this set just won't make it in time. Disappointing as it is it will now hopefully go to a show in April instead. I guess it gives me more time to work on the whole entry and I'm looking forward to sharing pictures of it all. :)

Here is the inspiration for designing my saddle, Mary King and her saddle! I love creating something different but also something which is acceptable within the British showing rulings. Hopefully it will give something unusual to look at when it finally hits the show ring!