Tuesday, 4 February 2014


I just wanted to do a quick post to say I'm behind with a few orders. Reason behind this? Well, I'm ill and have been for well over 5 days now, it's fair to say I feel utterly crap!

This means I can't work on any horse tack until things start to improve, also my ipad/comp give me headaches too so email replies are very slow at being returned. I'll try to reply as bet I can. I've also had various emails about tack commissions via here and facebook so I'd just like to make it clear that my order books are closed and will remain so for some time yet. I do appreciate the on going support for my work though so thank you all very much x. 


  1. l know this might sound extreme..but l just found out the best way to heal from sickness is to stop eating, and only drink tea and water. l was having a cold for weeks..so tired than i stopped eating and only drank water and tea for 2 days, and after that l felt wonderful.

    1. Thanks Mizzy :) . I have a cold but it's infected my ears, I have blocked inner ear which means I have very muffled hearing, dizziness and head aches. Although I really don't feel like eating anything I have to as pain killers on an empty tummy probably isn't a good idea. I've never had the ear thing before and I never want it again! I can cope with the rest but this really isn't nice. If it wasn't for that I might have given water and tea a try, bit like a detox :

  2. So sorry to hear about it! Perhaps you can still dream about tack pieces. Best wishes and get well soon.


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