Tuesday, 28 January 2014

New Custom Pony

This is a new custom pony I have been slowly working on to become part of my show herd for this year. I wanted a show jumping horse as most of my jumpers are more suited to cross country.

I already had Kitty Cantrells Starlite jumper (my gawd she is heavy!) but I have never liked the head very much, it lacks in detail, so when I found a resin arab head in my body box I knew it would be great on the jumpers body! I then also removed the original mane and tail and replaced them with new ones, I also rebuilt her hind hock & hooves so they were more shaped.

At the moment she is halfway through paint and is coming along nicely. I only have time to work on her in the evenings so its a slow process. In the evenings I do watch the Big Bang Theory when its on and just happened to be watching the episode when Sheldon had to explain why his gran calls him 'Moonpie'.....this kinda stuck in my head so I have named her Moonpie, lol. Hopefully she will get her first outing in February to the first show of this season.

I'll post more piccies as she progresses :)

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  1. She looks great, and it's cool that you make your models versatile to where they can do both types of jumping!


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