Wednesday, 1 January 2014

One more nekkid resin with clothes!

Some pictures of my newest member of my show string! Meet Fridolin sculpted by the ubber talented Brigitte Eberl. He is a older warmblood gelding who i feel in love with after seeing a picture of him...could have had something to do with that tongue. So sweet!

I like to spend weeks prepping my horses and go over and over and over them so may times to make sure all pin holes etc are filled and smoothed. I'm a perfectionist with tack and also with my models too. I think this is why I'm always so reluctant to ship a model out to another artist without prepping them first. I know I'm picky and don't want to be disappointed when the model returns home.There is nothing worse than a fantastic paint job ruined by poor prep work.

This guy I originally wanted as a chestnut so I painted him but he just didn't suit the colour at all. So it was back to scratch. I then came across a lovely warmblood stallion who I used as a reference. He was boring black but he just popped and knew Friddy would also look great in this colour. So here he is finally completed, wonky blaze and all. I only customised 1 thing on this boy by shoeing him and giving his lil studs. I plan to have him as a hunter so you have to imagine the huntsman on his back and surrounded by hounds trotting down a country lane..... can't wait to make up that scene!

Enjoy him.....

And in his new Hunting tack set....

Happy 2014 Everyone!! :)


  1. He is gorgeous :)

  2. Hi, what a beautiful model!
    I hope you don't mind me asking, but where do you buy your stirrups from? I usually make stablemate scale tack with HorsingAround stirrups, but I will be making a traditional saddle soon for my Salinero and can't seem to find anywhere to buy stirrups...
    (I live in the UK, which complicates things) :)

    1. Hi Charlotte,

      If you go on Ebay and pop in English Model horse sirrups a seller from the US will come up. TWMHC. Alison is fab and will sort you out. ;)

  3. It's too bad you're having to sell the set :( I hope it's not due to something financially serious.

    1. It was as a combination of things......fridge/freezer blowing up (gas everywhere) didn't help right after christmas! He needed a different Flat version bridle for hunting here in the UK anyway so it made sense to let it go. ;)


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