Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Classic Side Saddle

This is a sneaky peek at Staceys new side saddle which will become a saddle set. I always swore I'd never do anything lower than Traditional scale but alas, here I am doing yet another classic scale piece of tack work. Even I have to admit that this little saddle is so cute, not to mention the dinky sandwich bag too....those buckles how ever were fiddly little suckers to make!

I'm looking forward to seeing this set completed as its been long over due. Some pieces I have to be in the right frame of mind to create and this was one of them. :)

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

New Custom Pony

This is a new custom pony I have been slowly working on to become part of my show herd for this year. I wanted a show jumping horse as most of my jumpers are more suited to cross country.

I already had Kitty Cantrells Starlite jumper (my gawd she is heavy!) but I have never liked the head very much, it lacks in detail, so when I found a resin arab head in my body box I knew it would be great on the jumpers body! I then also removed the original mane and tail and replaced them with new ones, I also rebuilt her hind hock & hooves so they were more shaped.

At the moment she is halfway through paint and is coming along nicely. I only have time to work on her in the evenings so its a slow process. In the evenings I do watch the Big Bang Theory when its on and just happened to be watching the episode when Sheldon had to explain why his gran calls him 'Moonpie'.....this kinda stuck in my head so I have named her Moonpie, lol. Hopefully she will get her first outing in February to the first show of this season.

I'll post more piccies as she progresses :)

Sunday, 26 January 2014

New things going on....

I think I really should update my blog as to where I am right now! First up is this Classic Haflinger set for Kim. I was asked to make it so it had room for the OF version and a customised version too. Hence the bowing cheek straps on the forward view! Personally I'm not keen on the OF untack friendly look so my mare will be having her forelock loped off at some point......future project! The set however I've really pleased with especially as this is only my second classic saddle.

Next up is Bill's new saddle for a carriage commission he is working on. This will be for a traditional Journeyman mold in harness with a royal horse guard sat on his back. I can't wait to see the final set up as its just going to be amazing!

And finally, at the moment I'm working on another classic scale set & a PS pony saddle. The new pony saddle tree gave me some problems which delayed casting it so that got a little held up. Thankfully its now well on its way.

You can keep up to date over on my Facebook page too here -!/Cktinytack

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

One more nekkid resin with clothes!

Some pictures of my newest member of my show string! Meet Fridolin sculpted by the ubber talented Brigitte Eberl. He is a older warmblood gelding who i feel in love with after seeing a picture of him...could have had something to do with that tongue. So sweet!

I like to spend weeks prepping my horses and go over and over and over them so may times to make sure all pin holes etc are filled and smoothed. I'm a perfectionist with tack and also with my models too. I think this is why I'm always so reluctant to ship a model out to another artist without prepping them first. I know I'm picky and don't want to be disappointed when the model returns home.There is nothing worse than a fantastic paint job ruined by poor prep work.

This guy I originally wanted as a chestnut so I painted him but he just didn't suit the colour at all. So it was back to scratch. I then came across a lovely warmblood stallion who I used as a reference. He was boring black but he just popped and knew Friddy would also look great in this colour. So here he is finally completed, wonky blaze and all. I only customised 1 thing on this boy by shoeing him and giving his lil studs. I plan to have him as a hunter so you have to imagine the huntsman on his back and surrounded by hounds trotting down a country lane..... can't wait to make up that scene!

Enjoy him.....

And in his new Hunting tack set....

Happy 2014 Everyone!! :)