Monday, 30 December 2013

I do love my blog, Honest!

 Firstly....I hope everyone had a great christmas and got some nice pressies from Santa? Hehe.

Oh my! It seems like my blog has been yet again gathering dust. What with the run up to christmas and me being so disorganised its been a tad hectic my end so I just haven't had the time for blogging. Now christmas has been and gone I feel I can concerntrate on other things...yay!

I will be putting up a few posts over the next few days regarding models and saddlery but until then I will leave you all with all the flooding pictures of my poor Island. We suffered torrential rain and gale force winds just after christmas and I swear for 48 hours all were heard were sirens of emergency vehicles going out.

This is a playing field not a huge lake! Didn't take long for the rats with wings (Seagulls) to claim it!

Train tracks that later down the line were submerged under 9ft of water.

I think the rest will speak for themselves....

Above : Thats actually the train tunnels at the end not a river!

And lastly before I forget CK Tiny Tack is now also over on Facebook here -!/Cktinytack so if you have facebook and would like to also follow my work on there too give that 'like' button a click! I'll still be blogging as well, worry not. :)

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