Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Before I started anything today I thought it might be a very good idea to tidy my work desk. I think I got as far as the upper shelves and desk top and that was it, By the time I hit all the unpainted Eberls I seem to have gathered on the right I gave up.....simply no room to move them all to! Still its looking a lot better for restarting tack work in a few days time.

After achieving very little on tidying I moved on to the parcel the postman had delivered a hour or so earlier......

Wow this came fast! I literally only ordered it at 3pm yesterday! If only everything came that fast (*mutters* darn classic scale stirrups, its been like a month! grrr!). Any how, yes its a box. A boring wooden box. Nothing exciting not even when opened....

For ages now I have wanted some where to store my own personal collection of tack, at the moment it tends to hover around my work stuff gathering dust which isn't ideal. So I thought I'd turn this box into a Tack box! I have a few things to get like hooks and something for the saddles to sit on but I'll grab them from the local DIY store tomorrow. I might also turn it into a 'How to' tutorial for anyone that also fancies ideas for making a nice tack box. That will probably be tomorrows post. :)

Still on the wooden/crafting theme I finally got this back out of the cupboard....

I made this jump well over a year ago but never really finished it off. I didn't show so I lost enthusiasm for it. Now I'm going to be performance showing this year I nabbed it back out and dusted it off. It needed the markers finishing and some greenery adding but other than that i don't really have a lot to do to it. Once its complete I will pop more piccies up.

In the mean time have a Happy New Year everyone!  


  1. Where did you order the box from? I've been looking to buy one for the same purpose but am having trouble finding one big enough online. I'd definitely like to see a tutorial. :)

    1. I got mine here -


      Good price, I certainly couldn't make one for that. Their joints are dove tailed too, no nails etc. :)

  2. You've probably already finished your tack box, so it's probably a bit too late for a tutorial, but would you consider doing some kind of 'tour' of your tack box? Just to show some things that you find helpful to add to it?

    Thanks :)

    1. Funnily enough I never actaully got around to finishing it but you have given me the nudge to do so. I will ceratinly blog about it as I go and add a new post very soon ;)


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