Saturday, 30 November 2013

Up and Over

This is a very quick post, just to put up a picture really :)

Above is Olivia's jumping tack set that she commissioned from me. It has a bit of a purple theme with the purple trim on the saddle pad and I added a patient gloss band through the browband to match too.

All in all a very smart set and I hope it helps you do well Olivia :)

BTW - A message for those that sent me emails. I'm having trouble returning them as they are bouncing back! please don't think I'm ignoring you. I'm trying to get it sorted and will hopefully be in touch soon.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

2 New Saddles

I have 2 new saddles to add to my blog, first up is this mini version of a Wintec General Purpose saddle I was asked to make. I had to redesign all the saddle flaps on this one so its taken me some time to come up with brand new templates. It is actually one I would like to recreate for my own show herd for next year as I really like it.

The 2nd saddle is one that will most likely go up for sale as part of a jumping set. I was going to keep it for my own personal use but the horse I wanted it for has changed disciplines for next years showing and I need a brown version. Again is a slightly different design on the knee pads.

Edited - Above saddle has sold. :)

Friday, 22 November 2013

Dressage with a bit of bling!

This is Gea's new dressage set for her Lohengrin Resin which I have managed to model on my very similar sized Obrigado. The only real difference between them is Lohengrin is a few cm's bigger on the girth which I have hidden on the other side just so I can get the pictures.

The saddle was build on my new XL saddle tree that I managed to cast along with the classic mentioned in my last post. I did think it would take some fiddling to get right but I have to say I'm very please with it as it is and don't for see that much tweaking.Thank goodness!

For the bridle I tried out a new noseband method since I was working on a larger scale than normal.....

Here's a close up.....

I just love how its come out, it really looks like the gorgeous chunky raised & padded nosebands that are so popular in the dressage arenas at the moment, the detail is just so nice in hand and up close. I really did consider making it patient but I think I shall do that for one of my own sets later on.

Each little buckle keeper is carefully handmade from real brass. These were fiddly little suckers to make but they really finish of the bridle with gold hardware. I have been toying with the idea of a chrome version?....hmmm. Maybe again on my own set.

The Obrigado in the pic is mine and I'm still working on prepping him, hence all the little grey apoxie bits on him and new shoes. I have to say he might be a big stumpy legged fellow but I absolutely LOVE this horse, his face just sucks you in! I think its such a shame he isn't more geared towards dressage as he certainly suits the tack but then again I have another excuse to get on and make some Spanish things for him! yay!

I think this set will change again when its put on a painted horse as they are never the same on blank resins. Hopefully i can nudge Gea into sending me some piccies....*hint hint* lol.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


I have finally managed to finish my moulds for my new saddles sizes...Yay! Of course once I had cast the first few tree's I couldn't resist having a go at making up a classic sized saddle. Its just so cute! 

 I have the stirrups on order for it hence the straps, they are only there to show where the leathers will sit and will be replaced.
Edit - now SOLD :)

Excuse the horse, its literally one I use to test everything out on....paint, finishes etc. I don't collect classics so it was the only model I had. :)

Back to work......

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Donation Head Collar

Oh my! November all ready.....just where is the time going?! It will soon be the dreaded 'C' word and I'm just so not prepared!

My first posting for this month is of this gorgeous padded leather head collar. It is a Donation piece for a live show I'm attending in February....part of me hopes I win it back! It is very detailed right down to the tiny nail heads on the name plate, they took some fiddling accompanied by a few choice words, lol.

Next up is the completed Hunt set, this one is heading off to Erin.

Apologies for my custom horse too, she STILL isn't completed but I hope to finish her very soon. She will then head off to be with her new mom for her showing career.

And lastly a little update of where I'm at tack wise. I'm currently working on 2 new saddle tree's which are very nearly ready to be cast. I'm quite excited on these as they will now allow me to do Large traditional and Classic scale saddles to the standard of my normal ones!

I'm also experimenting with Spanish/Portuguese tack can probably tell that from my last post. Hopefully I can branch out down that route too tack wise as I'm really enjoying being able to add so much detail to the saddles and bridles etc. We will see how things turn out....