Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Working Equitation....

I have recently fallen in love with and purchased a few new Lusitano resins which I have been trying to think of things for them to do at live shows. While researching I came across a whole array of fabulous pictures of horses doing Working Equitation.

Working Equitation is a discipline bases upon the tradition of field work on ranches, highlighting the clear partnership between horse and rider, with an emphasis on athleticism, collection and versatility. There are 3 phases, Dressage, Ease of handling (obstacles for precision) and Speed (obstacles for speed).  In Europe there is a 4th cattle handling phase too.

The picture shown below is one of my favourites and it has inspired me into starting to create some Spanish/Portuguese Tack.

Thinking about my horses and what they can possibly do I decided to start with this saddle. It is a combination of a Portuguese saddle x English saddle (perfect!) and can be used in a few phases.

Here is the real version....

And my new prototype mini version.....

As you can see I'm waiting for the proper stirrups to arrive and have just added some scrap leather in the stirrup bars for now but on the whole I'm really thrilled with this mini saddle, especially as its my very first one! I plan to tweak the knee rolls by making them stand out more and possibly shorted the under panels on my next one (which will be brown leather) but this one will now go into my showing tack.


  1. Stunning, as always!! The leather you use is always so smooth and pretty. Do you dye it yourself or purchase it pre-dyed?

    1. Thank you :)

      Yes, I dye and seal all my own leather. I like to buff the leather once dry with a soft fleece cloth which gives a lovely shine, not over done. :)

    2. This is beautiful, Cristina! Now I want to make one.

    3. Thanks Jen.

      You should, they are very similar to English saddles but have added 'bling'...haha. ;)


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