Thursday, 3 October 2013

Spots...Spots & More Spots!!

Lavendel returned home today!! He has been over with Deb Brown having this stunning paint job done. I asked Deb if she would paint him to a Knabstrupper and she really out done herself! He is just stunning to hand and I think the colour really suits him. I have spent ages with a cup of coffee just admiring the details on him. You really don't see the true potential of a model until they step into clothes.....

I'm just dying now to get him into some tack but I need to find some patience as it will mean making a saddle tree for him which lets face it will be huge! lol.

While he has been away I have been thinking up names for him and came up with Ravaldi. Ravaldi was the sire to the mare I choose as a colour reference picture, so I thought it would be nice to remember her by and it seemed quite fitting.

Cita, a stunning mare with real presence....

I did also manage to sculpt shoes for Ravaldi before he went off to Deb...his shoes look so sweet! Those little finishing touches make a real difference.

Now to line up the next victim.....! lol :)

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