Wednesday, 16 October 2013

2 More Off My Orders....

I have finally finished off Simone's 2 saddles she ordered from me. This is now another order gone from my order books which means that the rest of this month is now mine and I'm free to do some experimenting....I can almost hear my horses hooves shaking on their shelves, lol. Its a weird feeling as this is my first real break in such a long long time.

I do have 1 very over due double bridle to complete for a know who you are and your lovely new bridle should be ready to go soon I promise! x ;)

Other news, I have 2 more Eberls heading my way. Sadly only 1 is mine but I do have another in hand heading off to Deb Brown very soon for some new clothes. I promised Deb that this time she won't need to go to the gym to handle him, lol. I'll post piccies of him when he returns.

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