Monday, 16 September 2013

Dressage Set

Very quick post to add some pictures of Jackie's 2nd tack set. I use my blog as some where customers can also come and view their new tack when email attachments fail....kind of annoying when they do but its great to have a back up.

Had I thought a head I'd have sorted Komet out some holes in my grass base to stand on, grr. I think it is time he too ditched that resin base and joined my other horses with clear acylic ones. 

Anyway, enjoy a couple of piccies :) 

Friday, 13 September 2013

Just how big is Eberl Lavendel?

I've had a few messages asking me just how big this boy is so I'll show you.......

A friend suggested I put him next to Totilas so I raised his base to the same level as Lavendel's to make it a fair comparison. As you can see Lavendel makes poor Totilas look like a pony! I'd say this guy is more 1:8 scale especially from his head.

I'm sure once this boy has his clothes added he will come into his own and I'm still glad I purchased him as he has such presence and character to him.....he just stands out from the crowd! lol.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Legacy Eventing Set

Just a quick post of Jackie's new Eventing set for her Legacy resin.....

I'm also nearly finshed on her other Dressage set for Korsar too. I hope to also share some pic's of Lavendels size next to a normal horse.....its just finding one everyone knows? Maybe a Breyer Journeyman. :)

A Huge Thank you to Glenys too for lending me Legacy again! xx

Monday, 9 September 2013

Busy Bee....

I have been so busy lately sorting through orders, waiting for gg's to arrive and then prepping them ready to send back out again for paint that I haven't had any time to post anything on my blog!

This being said I finally have a moment to catch up and post a few things that are new my end. First up is one of my new Eberl resins, Lavendel! I've waited months for this guy fully aware that when he did turn up he was going to be huge. Even though I expected big I didn't quite imagine this BIG!!! I think he would make the Lohengrin resin look small. I have to admit to being rather taken back when I unwrapped him and thinking what the heck have I bought? but he has grown on me and now he is fully prepped and had some new shoes added I love him.

Just so you can see how big this guy is, here he is in a normal traditional sized saddle......

 It just looks like a pea sat on his back! I can see I'm going to have to create another saddle tree for the XL size horses. I do plan to have this boy shown and have already picked out a paint job for him. When he has his clothes on I'll post more pics and I'll get one of him side by side a normal trad horse too. My plan is to also get this guy off the base he came with as it just makes him even larger. If I can I'd like to get him on a clear base and pegs aren't an option....he weighs a ton!

As you may also have notice Lavendels saddle is something new. This is Jackie's new Eventing saddle for her Legacy resin. As I was give 'Artist choice' on this one so I got to push the boat out a bit on it and do some new things. I decided to create a new design of saddle and a new close contact eventing saddle pad with my Lightweight black stirrups.

I think its looking very nice and the electric blue piping on the new pad just looks so eye catching. I have yet to add some girth straps to the pad to hold the extensions in place but its nearly complete.

 Last but certainly not least a few more show win pics from Gea.....What a fantastic set up and Justintyme resin! Congratulations and thank you so much for agreeing to let me share them! :)

Please excuse the half finished scene pics from the Lavendel pictures, I'm still working on it but I did buy a new camera! Yay! Just need to work out how to use it properly now, lol. ;)