Thursday, 29 August 2013

New Hunt Set & Show Win!

Firstly a few pictures of Rachel's new hunt set for her Lone Star resin, this was a new colour for me and I love it! I will certainly be using it more in my sets.

I'm starting now to get tired of plain photos so I think it might be time to set up a scene for the complete sets.....just make it more interesting. You can see my doll is sneaking in more and more, lol. I seriously need a new camera too....*tisk* more on my 'to buy' list.

I wanted to also post a couple of photo's Tracey sent me of her new Hunter set in action. I made the set for her Rose Reiner a little while ago which got me wondering how it would look on a western type horse?

As you can see its awesome!  The horse has been slightly customised and Tracey done a fantastic job painting him up! They won reserve champion overall performance at the show, Congratulations & Thank you so much for agreeing for me to share these. :)


  1. That is a gorgeous new dye color on the Lonestar set!

    I'm happy to share the pictures, and the set was so fun to use on him at the show! =cD

  2. Your tack always looks so much like the real thing. :D

    Scenes are fun! I've gotten stuck in the plain photos too. I keep meaning to put some more effort in putting scenes together but... bah!

  3. Fantastic color, I can see why you like it so much. The detail is lovely. Thanks too for the show pix.

  4. Thank you girls :)

    I started making a arena fence today so its a start I guess. Luckily I had some wood left over from the Oxer Jump I made a while back so so far its cost me nothing, lol. Just now have to work out a way to be able to pack it away when not needed and also be able to switch between Dressage and Jumping etc......oh the dilemma's of the model horse world!


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