Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Experimenting with Colour Learning Curve

For a while now I have been wanting to experiment with some colour on my saddle pads other than trims and logos etc but the only way to do this is to hand dye them which can be very tedious and time consuming. A while back I bought a couple of Dylon dyes from the local hardware shop in the hope I might be able to build up a colour range.... ok so I picked black which isn't so colourful but it makes awesome saddle pads.

The Black turned out really well and now needs a few washes to get any remaining dye out but I managed to get a really nice grey out of the same dye too so that was a nice bonus. I only did a very small amount of the grey as I wasn't sure on whether it would just look mucky but its actually really nice especially with the right trims. I shall have to do more!

My next colour was a Lavender Blue. This too is such a nice colour, with this one I had to also do some matching fabric for the trim which thankfully took well and are a close enough match.

This process has been a huge learning curve and I have also managed to get some of my kitchen worktops sprinkled with a nice blue effect but it was worth it to finally have some colour. I might do Red and a Royal Blue next? Have to see how the fabric takes them.

These 2 pads are currently for sale on MH$P :)


  1. My favorite saddle pad color is a nice light purple. Kind of a lavender color. I think that would look nice on a dark bay/black horse.


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