Wednesday, 21 August 2013

2 Dressage Sets

I finally managed to get some pictures uploaded of the 2 dressage sets I have been working on for Kerry, these have been fun to do. I even managed to find some tiny swarovski crystals online for the bridles browbands which was great as its made the browbands much more in keeping size wise and they don't look heavy on the head.  

Both sets are identical but one was fitted for Totilas and the other for Keltic. Unfortunately my Keltic had his head chopped off so I had to pop it on Komet instead....he is working for his keep already, lol.

Over the weekend I have been down in Cornwall on a short break and when I returned I found a parcel waiting for me. Inside was a piece of clear acrylic I had ordered on ebay for £2.50, I had planned to adapt it as a base for my Totilas. In hind sight it might of been better a little longer but it has worked fabulously! I carefully removed the peg from the original disk he came with and drilled a hole in the new base, then I glued the peg in place and Hey presto! a new base!

Putting pegs in this guys feet wasn't an option for me as they just wouldn't look right so this works just as good for very little money and no more tippy totilas! 

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