Thursday, 29 August 2013

New Hunt Set & Show Win!

Firstly a few pictures of Rachel's new hunt set for her Lone Star resin, this was a new colour for me and I love it! I will certainly be using it more in my sets.

I'm starting now to get tired of plain photos so I think it might be time to set up a scene for the complete sets.....just make it more interesting. You can see my doll is sneaking in more and more, lol. I seriously need a new camera too....*tisk* more on my 'to buy' list.

I wanted to also post a couple of photo's Tracey sent me of her new Hunter set in action. I made the set for her Rose Reiner a little while ago which got me wondering how it would look on a western type horse?

As you can see its awesome!  The horse has been slightly customised and Tracey done a fantastic job painting him up! They won reserve champion overall performance at the show, Congratulations & Thank you so much for agreeing for me to share these. :)

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Experimenting with Colour Learning Curve

For a while now I have been wanting to experiment with some colour on my saddle pads other than trims and logos etc but the only way to do this is to hand dye them which can be very tedious and time consuming. A while back I bought a couple of Dylon dyes from the local hardware shop in the hope I might be able to build up a colour range.... ok so I picked black which isn't so colourful but it makes awesome saddle pads.

The Black turned out really well and now needs a few washes to get any remaining dye out but I managed to get a really nice grey out of the same dye too so that was a nice bonus. I only did a very small amount of the grey as I wasn't sure on whether it would just look mucky but its actually really nice especially with the right trims. I shall have to do more!

My next colour was a Lavender Blue. This too is such a nice colour, with this one I had to also do some matching fabric for the trim which thankfully took well and are a close enough match.

This process has been a huge learning curve and I have also managed to get some of my kitchen worktops sprinkled with a nice blue effect but it was worth it to finally have some colour. I might do Red and a Royal Blue next? Have to see how the fabric takes them.

These 2 pads are currently for sale on MH$P :)

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

2 Dressage Sets

I finally managed to get some pictures uploaded of the 2 dressage sets I have been working on for Kerry, these have been fun to do. I even managed to find some tiny swarovski crystals online for the bridles browbands which was great as its made the browbands much more in keeping size wise and they don't look heavy on the head.  

Both sets are identical but one was fitted for Totilas and the other for Keltic. Unfortunately my Keltic had his head chopped off so I had to pop it on Komet instead....he is working for his keep already, lol.

Over the weekend I have been down in Cornwall on a short break and when I returned I found a parcel waiting for me. Inside was a piece of clear acrylic I had ordered on ebay for £2.50, I had planned to adapt it as a base for my Totilas. In hind sight it might of been better a little longer but it has worked fabulously! I carefully removed the peg from the original disk he came with and drilled a hole in the new base, then I glued the peg in place and Hey presto! a new base!

Putting pegs in this guys feet wasn't an option for me as they just wouldn't look right so this works just as good for very little money and no more tippy totilas! 

Monday, 12 August 2013

Pink Set Down Under!

Just a quick post as I wanted to share this awesome photo Stacey sent me of my custom mare Rogue in her new pink tack set and her little girl rider!

So pretty in pink! (Don't think Rogue agrees!) Lol. Love it! Thank you Xx

Thursday, 1 August 2013

New Pony!

August already? Tisk! Where does time go!

Remember I mentioned waiting in for a delivery in my last post? came!!

What seems like ages and ages ago I agreed a purchase on this Eberl Komet from the US, when he was paid for he headed over to a very kind friend who then sent him on to me here in the UK. I know, shipping to here can be a complete pain huh. Anyway, after much chasing with my postal service I finally got my hands on him today!!

He does have a couple of 'issues' sadly but they shouldn't be to hard to fix. I think he could also do with some extra sealer as his paint seems a little weak and I'd hate to lose them lovely dapples especially as I want him in tack.

All in all I'm happy with him as he is eye catching. Being a tack maker I just had to nab some random saddlery that I had on my work desk and tack him up (sorry stace, nabbed yer saddle! lol).....just to see what he would look like. Here is the result...

He looks awesome! Tack really does change a horse!

Excuse the doll too, I made here up from breyer clothing and tweaked a few things here and there. She is just to put on horses for photo's really.

What bridle is that I can hear you asking and yes, he should have a proper dressage bridle on but its all that I have here. The bridle is a proto type of my bitless bridle only with bit...haha! Just noticed the lower noseband strap should be in front of the bit not behind, oops! Teach me to spend so long fiddling with dollies darn reins! .Everything works on it so it is fully adjustable and has separate reins for when the bit is removed.

Komet is now number 3 of my Eberl resin horses, I do have another on order direct from Brigitte but I will reveal him once he is here. My plan is to collect more of her warmblood resins as they are my favourites plus its extremely handy that Brigitte is in Germany too.... cheaper postage fees and no customs charges!!!! Hooray! :)