Friday, 12 July 2013

Neglected Blog.....

It's been some time since I posted in here and I feel I need to grab a duster and start getting rid of the cobwebs!

I have had a hectic last month, my tack work has been held up waiting for stirrups to arrive and they STILL haven't come so I had to order more which puzzlingly turned up fine, grrrr! Since the second lot arrived I have managed to get a fair bit done.

This is Tracey's new saddle to go with her new hunt set -

I hope to have the set and extra accessories all done for Monday. 

Next is a extra set that is now currently on MHSP for sale. I thought that since I was working on 2 saddles I might as well throw in another to work on since I had some nice leather left over. I'm currently taking offers on the set until Wednesday and all details can be found within the advert if your interested in it. 

The other saddle was Stacey's Dressage saddle but I forgot to get pictures of that one....oops!

Since my comp currently hates blogger and won't let me write anything without showing me an error I'll leave this post here. I'm fighting with my Ipad at the moment and it hates this too! I will post again very soon and promise not to leave it so long again. :)

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